The Firm

Gokhale Bilolikar & Co., is a law firm founded by two qualified law graduates and advocates Milind G. Gokhale and Nandini S. Bilolikar in 1985 with a ;

mission to…

"Represent clients who need of legal aid / representation in the judicial system in best possible manner for best possible resolve, using our elaborate knowledge bank, case-law research teams/ techniques, effective court-room work and case approach procedures within the prescribed ethical framework"

Gokhale Bilolikar & Co specializes in Corporate, Criminal and Civil matters and effectively represents its clients based on 25 years of acquired expertise in legal matters and Court Craft.

The company enjoys a reputation of protecting client's interests in every possible manner and respect in the judicial system different states.

Over the years partners of the company have 38 landmark published judgments to its credit in apex courts of different states including several full bench decisions.

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