Due Diligence Service

Entering business relationships can be quite exciting period of time for Companies, whether it is in the field of completing a transaction, signing a new client, opening a new account, renting premises, finding a new provider or finding a new business partner. All these situations require different degrees to due diligence in or to protect the company's interest.

Gokhale Bilolikar & Co. as a Firm through its ability to retrieve comprehensive updated data and provide professional research and analysis in a timely and inexpensive manner provides a unique tool to every organization. Gokhale Bilolikar & Company's due diligence Reports on the Companies and Directors of Companies that they do business, Gokhale Bilolikar & Co. can help you to avoid disaster and give you invaluable peace of mind

That proper risk management in any modern business demands "due diligence" at all levels of an Organization. Gokhale Bilolikar & Company's cost effective and customizable solutions meet that even if you are screening large number of clients, tenants, vendors or partners, proper due diligence never needs to be over looked.

Gokhale Bilolikar & Co further expertise's in performing due diligence reports for financial institutions even pre-loan and post-loan. Gokhale Bilolikar & Co reports have been claimed internationally by various corporate entities and on the basis of which huge amounts of moneys have been lent by financial institutions to the Companies/borrowers.

This due diligence is correct to the n'th degree and extremely detailed and specific. This helps the Company not only in its self evaluation but also if need be to raise funds through various financial institutions.

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