International Contracts

Gokhale Bilolikar & Co, as a legal firm has assisted a number of corporate and institutional clients of India in drafting, executing and negotiating several international contracts and agreements with their counter parts in countries like United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore etc., with credible results.

Their experience and scope of work includes:

  • Agency / Distributorship agreements
  • Buy Back - Counter trade transactions
  • Confidentiality and not-to-compete agreement
  • Construction, installation of plant, engineering Contracts
  • Technology & Data transfer Agreements.
  • E-Commerce, Internet and multimedia related contracts
  • Franchising Contracts & Agreements
  • Joint ventures, consortium and cooperation agreements
  • Letter of intent / Memorandum of understanding
  • Licensing (patent, trademark and know-how) Agreements
  • Machinery / Capital Goods Procurement Agreements
  • Long term Procurement Contracts
  • Research & development memo of Understanding
  • Sale contracts of manufactured and semi-manufactured goods
  • Sale of perishable goods, commodities and raw materials - for specific goods
  • Sale of perishable goods, commodities and raw materials - for General goods
  • Software Services contracts
  • Subcontracting Agreements
The firm assures highest quality work under strict adherence to ethics governing the legal practice in India and overseas.

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